Elena Lape

Developer Experienced & Experienced Developer


USA, UK, Worldwide

Hiya! You can call me 'Elle-en-uh. I'm a Developer Experience strategy consultant-engineer with deep affinity for the Open Source. I specialise in the developer tool space. Most of my recent collaborations involve Kubernetes services providers and API-as-a-Service companies.

I help devtool companies improve their developer onboarding, documentation, improve their support processes, and a create a powerful developer relations strategy. I enjoy it at least as much as I enjoy coding (full-stack; JavaScript/TypeScript with React+Node.js, Postgres, Firebase, Docker, Kubernetes, StackOverflow).

Tech aside, I'm fluent in English, Spanish and Lithuanian, can read books in German, and read toddler books in Persian (فارسی) and Russian.

If you don't see me online, I'm most likely working on my power snatches and those outrageous pull-ups at the nearest CrossFit box.